Why are We Vegans?

Because we have a sincere respect for all living things and we wish to live honestly and make as little of an impact on our ecosystem as possible. It really is that simple.


We believe that a vegan lifestyle is rooted in love. Love for animals, of course … but also for our fellow man. By following the tenets of vegan living, we are being good to Mother Earth. We are creating less waste, demanding less energy output, using less water, and living with intention in our heads and love in our hearts. We are the citizens of the world that we want to be when we follow a vegan diet – and we are proud of loving vibes that we are putting out into the universe.

The love that we put into our food has other benefits too. It’s delicious! We are our most proud when non-vegans tell us how much they love our food; how satisfying and flavorful they find it to be. Love inspires more love, it seems. That’s what makes our little vegan restaurant so special.

2 thoughts on “Why are We Vegans?

  1. This is a wonderful and special little restaurant with extremely good vegan food. My son and I went there last week and it was such an unexpected surprise to find this little jewel. Thank you for being vegan and for making this tasty and wonderful food. We will be back to check out more items on your menu.


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